N Club - Objective

To encourage and promote the science of navigation; and to encourage its further understanding and study.


Any person who has achieved the USPS grade of Navigator or Junior Navigator, is in good standing in D/27, USPS, and who applies for membership and pays the annual fee of $15.00 may join. Members will begin receiving a copy of Ocean Navigator as part of their membership (a $27.95 value). To join, email our Secretary/Treasurer for information.

N-Club Officers & Committees
N-Club Officers
Robert F. Howd
Fort Macon
Jerry H. Hall
Cape Fear
Arthur W. Beers
N-Club Executive Committee
Charles Roland Ibach III
Michael D. McCulley
Cape Lookout
Thomas D. Myers
Fort Macon
N-Club Nominating Committee
Harold W. O'Briant Jr.
Fort Macon
Thomas D. Myers
Fort Macon

N Club Members

William J. Ash, SN (Cape Lookout)
Richard K. Barnet, SN (Cape Fear)
Arthur W. Beers, JN (Catawba)
Hubert H. Bordeaux, SN (Cape Fear)
Sara Burris Hayes, JN (Shallotte River)
Marvin Chaney Jr., SN (Charlotte)
Leon H. Corbett Jr., SN (Winston Salem)
William R. Doar Jr., N (Tar River)
Joe J. Donaghy, SN (Durham)
Donald Dunlap Jr., SN (Pamlico)
Mark Fairman, JN (Goldsboro)
Joseph P. Fazzari, JN (Catawba)
Thomas J. Graham, SN (Pamlico)
Norman Greisen, N (Southport)
Patricia W. Hakanson, SN (Charlotte)
Jerry H. Hall, SN (Cape Fear)
Hugh Floyd Hayes, JN (Shallotte River)
H. Clay Helm, JN (Rocky Mount)
Hamilton E. Hicks Jr., JN (Cape Fear)
Jan P. Hope, JN (Catawba)
Robert F. Howd, SN-CN (Fort Macon)
Charles Roland Ibach III, SN (Charlotte)
L. Douglas Jones, JN (Southport)
George E. Kean, SN (Pamlico)
Russell W. Klein, SN (Lake Norman)
Kenneth D. Link, SN (Fort Macon)
Edward A. LoBalbo, SN (Cape Fear)
Kevin L. Lyon, JN (Raleigh)
Earnest G. Marshburn, SN (Tar River)
Michael D. McCulley, JN (Cape Lookout)
James R. McCurry, N (Shallotte River)
Wilson Mewborn, SN (Goldsboro)
Megan F. Morrison, JN (Cape Fear)
Ronald B. Mosley, JN (Durham)
David Munnikuysen, SN (Cape Fear)
Thomas D. Myers, JN (Fort Macon)
Brevard Myers, Jr., SN (Charlotte)
Harold W. O'Briant Jr., JN (Fort Macon)
David H. Osmolski, SN (Charlotte)
Donald P. Osmond, N (Charlotte)
David E. Parsons, JN (Goldsboro)
Burt H. Pearson III, SN (Raleigh)
Henry C. Player Jr., SN (Fayetteville)
Ralston M. Pound Jr., SN (Charlotte)
Benjamin F. Reed, JN (Tar River)
Ned W. Rhodes, SN (Cape Fear)
John J. Rodgers, SN (Charlotte)
Isaac Jerry Sandlin, JN (Goldsboro)
Greg D. Shay, JN (Raleigh)
Jefferson R. Surles, JN (Durham)
Robert B. Thompson, SN (Cape Lookout)
Ronald I. Tilmon, JN (Cape Fear)
Alexander Wrenn, (Cape Fear)

JN and N Exam High Score Honor Winners


2016-2017Ned W. Rhodes, SN
2015-2016James R. McCurry, N
2014-2015Janet Neckyfarrow, JN
2013-2014Glenn Faurot, JN
 Stephen Hulme, JN
2011-2012Robert E. Morris, JN
2010-2011Larry E. Freeze, JN
 Anne W. Siddens, JN
 Robert M. Warner II, JN
2009-2010Morgan S. Chapman, JN
 Thomas J. Graham, SN
2008-2009Joe J. Donaghy, SN
 Beverly F. Hudgins, JN
 Michael P. Moorman, JN
2007-2008Richard W. Boyack, JN
2006-2007Reid London, JN


2016-2017John E. Williams, SN
2014-2015Edward A. LoBalbo, SN
2013-2014Edward M. Miller, SN
2012-2013Patricia Hakanson, N
2010-2011Joe J. Donaghy, SN
2009-2010Joseph L. Murphy, SN
 Thomas M. Penders, SN
2008-2009Reid London, JN
 Harry A. Taylor, N
2007-2008Samuel C. Franklin, SN
2006-2007William Young, N
2005-2006John F. Bohland, SN