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N Club - Objective

To encourage and promote the science of navigation; and to encourage its further understanding and study.


Any person who has achieved the USPS grade of Navigator or Junior Navigator, is in good standing in D/27, USPS, and who applies for membership and pays the annual fee of $15.00 may join. Members will begin receiving a copy of Ocean Navigator as part of their membership (a $27.95 value).To join email our Secretary/Treasurer for information.

Club Officers

President: P/D/C Robert F. Howd, JN
Vice President P/D/C Jerry H. Hall, SN
Secretary/Treasurer Stf/C Bill Beers, JN

Executive Committee

P/C Charles Roland Ibach III, SN
P/D/C Michael D. McCulley, JN
R/C Tom Meyers, JN

Nominating Committee for N Club

P/D/C Harold O'Briant, JN (Chairman)
R/C Tom Meyers, JN

N Club Members

JN and N Exam and Sites High Score Honor Winners



2015-2016   James R. McCurry, JN

2014-2015   Janet Neckyfarrow, JN

2013-2014   Glenn Faurot, JN

                    Stephen Hulme, JN

2012-2013   Edward A. LoBalbo, JN

2011-2012   Robert E. Morris, JN

2010-2011   Larry E. Freeze, JN

                    Robert M. Warner II, JN

                    Anne W. Siddens, JN

2009-2010   Thomas J. Graham, JN

                     Morgan S. Chapman, JN

2008-2009   Joe J. Donaghy, JN

                    Michael P. Moorman,JN

                    Beverly F. Hudgins, JN

2007-2008   Richard W. Boyack, JN

2006-2007   Reid London, JN


2015-2016   None

2014-2015   Edward A. LoBalbo, SN

2013-2014   Edward M. Miller, SN

2012-2013   Patricia Hakanson, N

2011-2012   None Qualified

2010-2011   Joe J. Donaghy, SN

2009-2010   Thomas M. Penders, SN

                    Joseph L. Murphy, SN

2008-2009   Reid London, SN

                    Harry A. Taylor, N

2007-2008   Samuel C. Franklin, SN

2006-2007   William Young, N

2005-2006   John F. Bohland, SN